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Art Lessons For You by
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Ray & Ranch Circle South
Ahwatukee Phoenix Az 85044
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Proudly Serving Budding Artists in
Ahwatukee Az, Phoenix Az, Tempe Az, Chandler Az, Scottsdale Az, Gilbert Az, Sun Lakes Az

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If you have been searching for top-notch art lessons in Ahwatukee that will feed your or your child’s interests, you can finally take a breath and join Art Lessons For You, with Kathie Kelly – founder of an art program that instills creativity, ownership, and new artistic techniques!



Arched Front of Spanish Building (2)Students thrive and enjoy cultivating innovative art techniques in Kathie’s unique art studio. New skills are learned and honed in her classes, resulting in confidence, pride, and momentum that inspires them to push themselves creatively. It’s no wonder students consistently return with positive enthusiasm. And, because Kathie is a trained artist, is wonderful with all ages, and provides all of the quality art materials in the lessons, adults and parents LOVE Art Lessons For You!


Why Is Art Important?

Curved Wooden piecesArt is everywhere. It is all around us and it is within us! Creating your own works of art adds a calming effect and increases self-discovery as well as self-esteem. If you live in Ahwatukee, Tempe or Chandler, this is the art class you are looking for where you or your children will produce high-quality pieces of art for all to enjoy and benefit from!

“The arts enhance the process of learning.  The systems they nourish, which include our integrated sensory, attentional, cognitive, emotional, and motor capacities, are, in fact, the driving force behind all other learning.” 

- Quotation from Eric Jensen’s book, Arts with the Brain in Mind.  Mr. Jensen is the author of over 20 books on the applications of recent brain research to education.




Students enjoy learning new art techniques and look forward to coming to the art studio. Kids will want to spend more time creating art when they can apply their newly learned skills.

Parents appreciate the fact their children are learning from a trained artist.

It is easy and convenient because all the quality art materials are provided in the lessons!!

We Need Art in Our Schools – Art is Important

hutBudget cuts have drastically reduced art programs in our schools.  In many cases art programs have been removed entirely.  Yet, children still have a real need for art.

We find art all around us and creating your own art works will increase self esteem.  The work has a calming effect during the process.  Students will leave the lessons with high quality art projects. As students bring amazingly creative art projects home the whole family will appreciate and benefit from these lessons.

Convenient Times

Lessons are twice a week for children, once per week for adults, at 1 hour 30 minutes each.

Goals for the Lessons

  • Students will learn art skills, building from their current level and progressing forward
  • Students will gain self confidence and self- discipline in artistic endeavors.
  • Students will develop their own artistic style while enjoying the creative process of making interesting projects.

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